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You Will Never Regret Online Shopping With These Steps

Shopping online has made life easier for many people. We do not need to leave the comforts of our homes to buy that particular pair of Boots. Instead of waiting in line at the cash counter, one can do it at dark-o-thirty right from the cozy bed. But, that doesn’t mean online purchasing has no pitfalls of its own. A serious online shopper knows the woes of buying a top one size too small and jeans a size too big. Even newbies know that at times the clothes do not look like the ones in the picture.

But, we are here to save the date. Use these simple steps below, and you will never be disappointed with an online buy again. You will save time, money and all that energy put into finding the perfect pair of shoes for the little black dress. The first step is always to keep handy your body measurement. When you know the size of your chest, waist, and hip, you don’t have to second-guess if the clothing will fit or not. Keep these measurements updated, in case you drop or gain a few inches.

Next, compare your measurements to the size chart of given. This is a vital step because not all brands have the same sizes. You might fit into size 6 jeans of one retailer but fit into 8 of another. Comparing your real measurements to that given in the size chart will tell you which size you have to buy. Guessing and wondering about size is the number one mistake in online shopping. Be sure about the measurements. To take this step a bit further, check the size the model in the picture is wearing.

These days most brands specify the size the model has dawned. It is to give the customer an idea how long or short the apparel fits on the body. While you are at it, scroll further down on the page and read the reviews. Not many shoppers actually understand that the reviews can save them from a bad purchase. Previous buyers of the same item will be able to give you a real-life look and feel of it. If the apparel is worth it, the reviews will be top notch. If the item is not how it seems, then it will probably have bad reviews.

Because shopping on the internet is as easy as a single clicking, most of us keeping on adding to the cart. In the end, we might even pay for some purchases that are never use. A way around this is to review the cart before paying. After you are done shopping, look at each item in your cart. Ask if it is worth the price; think if you will use it more than once. If the answer is no, then remove it.

These steps might seem like common sense, but most of us don’t follow them. Give each one a try, and it is guaranteed that you will become a savvier online shopper.


This Dysfunctional

Want To Shop For Less? Follow These 4 Tips!

Which one of us does not love shopping? Give us free time, and we can shop to our heart’s content. The only obstacle is the greenback boogie in our wallets. It does not support the very satisfying but definitely not good habit of buying gorgeous bags or black boots. And that is why we created this heavenly place for you, to give tips and tricks to buying smart. Today, the goal is to master four tricks that will make shopping cheaper and funnier.

  • Pesky Little Sales Tax

Next time you go shopping look at the receipt, and you will realize a heavy chunk of the money paid is listed as Sales Tax. What if there was a way to save that money? Will you not want to take advantage of it? The good news comes in the form of tax-free weekends. Every state has these days once a year. Mark the dates on the calendars beforehand so that you can go wild while shopping. There is another easy way around sales tax. Buy the item from an out-of-state store and get it shipped to home. This will save you up on the tax.

Want another tip? Some states do not add a sales tax on items that cost below hundred dollars. Instead of buying a single dress worth, splurge small amounts on many purchases. Read up your state’s tax website to get more tips on saving.

  •    Pinching Shipping Charge

Buying from an out-of-state store is well and good, but why pay that shipping charge when one can bypass it. The bane of online shopping is the cost that is added at the end – handling and shipping. Most people drop their carts because of this extra cost. But some stores offer a unique opportunity, for example, J. Crew. If you order an item from their online catalog while at the store, there is no shipping charge. You get the best of both worlds. One has the experience of shopping in an actual store and get the advantage of online shopping- your favorite purchase delivered right to the door.

  •    Love Social Media

Any social media platform is the hot place to be right now. Stores and brands like to offer contests on Instagram and Twitter. They even alert you on specific sales. An even better tip is that one can tweet their way to extra cash. Brands are now offering special prices just for social media followers. These contests and specials are not advertised anywhere else. Grab that phone and get tweeting!

  •    Asking Is Easy

Shopping smart requires bold moves. Things like fear of returning a dress ten day too late are baseless. Be bold and return that dress that looked oh, so beautiful in the shop but like a rug sack at home. Chances are the retailer will take it back and refund the full price, as long as the tag is attached and you have a receipt. Yes, even if the dress has gone on sale they will return you the amount you paid!