All You Need To Know About Boxing Gear!

Boxing gear or fight gear refers to a set of items required to get engaged in the boxing sport. A beginner may not require every item of the set to get started. But professionals who take part in competitions would need the entire set. Professionals would also have to follow specific standards regarding the gloves, headgear, etc. Different competitions may have different rules, and a boxer must follow the same. Going through the story, www.espn.in/boxing/ would tell you how strict these rules are and how tough it is to get any regulation relaxed.

Boxing gear and the equipment you need vary depending on whether you are practicing alone or fighting with a partner. The details of both are given below.

Boxing gear for Practicing alone:
The following are the items required to practice boxing on your own.
Heavy Punching bag – Punching bags help you practice strong and heavy punches. A punching bag consists of soft or hard materials enclosed tightly by leather, canvas, etc. Whatever the filling material and the outer covering are, make sure that you choose a bag which is durable and last longer.

Speed punching bag – The purpose of speed punching bags is also same as heavy bags, but speed bags are smaller in size to enable fast punches. This type of bag bounces back every time you punch it and hence it helps in sharpening your reflexes.
Hand wraps – In boxing, the probability of hand injury is very high. The small bones in your hand may easily get injured when you hit something very powerfully. Hand wraps serves as safety aids for your hands. A hand wrap is basically a piece of cloth which should be tightly wrapped around your arms. You should know how to wrap it properly so as to avoid injuries. Wearing a hand wrap inside and then the gloves give extra protection to hands and also keeps your gloves clean from sweat and blood (in case of an injury).

Bag gloves – Bag gloves are accessories to protect your hands while practicing punches on a bag. They are not greatly padded and are also light in weight so as to provide convenience and safety while punching.
Punch mitts – Punch mitts are also hand accessories which help in improving your punching speed and the sharpness of your punches. There are certain exercises which can be practiced effectively only using punching mitts.

Boxing gear for fighting with a partner
Sparring gloves – These gloves have better padding and are heavier when compared to bag gloves. They usually come with Velcro fastening on the wrist. The purpose of sparring gloves is to protect you and your training partner from injury.
Headgear – Protecting your head is very important while boxing with a partner. Blows and punches to your head would cause serious injuries if your head is not covered using a headgear. Headgears are available in different types.
Mouth guard – Mouth guards are specially designed rubber pieces which are meant to protect the teeth and lips of boxers. You can either get a standard mouth guard or get one customized so that it fits perfectly for you.
Body protectors – Body protectors are differently designed for men and women. They are meant to protect the private parts from injuries.