All You Need To Know About Furniture Polish

Applying furniture polish is a mandatory practice one must do to keep wooden items long lasting. Polish is not just applied for beautifying the wood, it has many other purposes too. Polishing at regular intervals can help protect the wooden object from infestation. You can look out for the best furniture items in town on http://www.thefurnitureconnoisseur.com. According to www.bhg.com/decorating/lessons/furniture-guide/leather-furniture-facts-and-care-tips/ if you follow the right tips your furniture can look new all the time. Make polishing part of the cleaning and dusting process that you do on a monthly basis. People usually do it without giving much thought to it. However, with even a small act of carelessness, you can end up damaging the wooden surface.

Points To Keep In Mind While Selecting Your Polish
We will tell you about the different polishes that are available and how you can choose one of them based on your requirement. In the future, when you buy a wax polish for wood keep in mind the important factors that matter in maintaining the quality of wood. The wrong kind of finish can attract dust to your furniture and make it look dull. Almost every wax in the market uses aerosol as content in them. Still, we cannot deny the fact that aerosol does have some damaging effects. Aerosol polishes can add silicone oil and other solvents to the wooden surface. These contaminants eat away the varnish of the furniture.

Another surface finish product such as polyurethane is less prone to contaminants. Watch out the content next time you go for buying a surface finish product. Liquid surface is equally good in quality. There are two basic types of liquid polish namely, emulsion cleaners and oil polishes. Both of them are potent agents for surface finish, but the only demerit is they dry away too soon. They last on the surface less than the wax polish. Oil polish can still be a satisfactory option in comparison.

Oil-based polish contains perfumes, colorants, organic solvents and variety of other ingredients. Oils can be drying or not- drying. Both have their advantage and disadvantage. One common drawback is that both types of oil polish dry over a period giving the furniture a muddy appearance. Now talking about the ace of the polish industry is the semi-solid finish. These can be a bit expensive, but their lasting effects are lovely. Semi-solid wax is also known by the name paste wax. It is a mixture of organic solvents in an emulsion or solution.

How To Make Polish At Home?
One can make wood polish at home also. Take one cup of mineral oil and add three drops of lemon.Mix well. Store them in a plastic or a glass container for some time, and it is ready to use. Mix ¼ cup of vinegar with 1 cup olive oil and store them in a spray bottle. It will be super easy to use at a minimal cost one can imagine. There are many more recipes you can find out to make a DIY wax polish at home. Now that you know so many facts about furniture polish you are ready to take good care of all the wooden items at home.